Sri Radha Govinda, Amsterdam NL

Sri Radha Govinda, Amsterdam NL
Sri Radha Govinda, Amsterdam NL (Personal Deities)

09 November 2009

The Funny Side of Money

Although Laksmidevi has been good to me throughout my life, I've grown to respect Her by watching and hearing how Srila Prabhupada dealt with Her. One time Tamal Krsna Maharaj told me a funny story. At least, we found it funny, it being so typical of Prabhupada, that we laughed in love and admiration for a long time. Tamal and I were old India hands and he could be the sweetest cowherd boy when he was away from management; and he knew so much history of our movement's early days in India, especially the funny side of it. Anyhow, once when he was sitting in front of Prabhupada's desk he noticed some coins on the table. When Prabhupada noticed him looking at the coins he unlocked the drawer, swept the coins inside, re-locked the drawer and put the key away!

Never give money without getting a receipt and anything collected in the name of Iskcon, or any charitable organization, should be deposited in the bank before any expenditure is made. Those were Prabhupada's edicts to us in India.

Laksmidevi = Indian goddess of wealth. Synonymous with money.

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